Blue Wood Aster

Fall is definitely here, with the leaves beginning to change, and true to form, the asters are out. It’s always cheerful to see them in the fields and at the edge of woods. Today we were out for a walk and decided to follow a large flock of turkeys up into the woods, and these … Read more

Gardening in Drought – the importance of planting design

Image of drought tolerant planting in California

We had a little drizzle in Carmel Valley this morning, which is not so common in September, especially in a year of serious drought. It got me to thinking, with all the implications of the drought, how plausible is it to raise an ornamental garden with little added water? It’s a challenge we deal with … Read more

Screening versus Focusing

image of brick wall with wooden fence on top

A friend recently asked me to take a look at the backyard of their rented urban home and help them screen a series of unsightly pipes and wires on the house as well as the conglomeration of waste bins and refuse in the adjoining yard. None of the property belongs to my friends, so actually … Read more