Landscape Design

Coming of Winter

Hard frosts and wood fires It finally turned cold this week for us, vaulting straight from Indian Summer into Winter. For us, that has meant a couple of days tending the wood stove, which is always fun. My son and I both like watching the fire, and it’s been a time of cuddling and discussing

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New Beginnings

Finding the courage to take the next step Posted October, 26, 2023 on Substack Have you ever moved forward with something you’ve known you needed to do for forever? Somehow, it’s never as simple as we think it should be! I know it wasn’t simple for getting this newsletter off the ground, but I am

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Image of drought tolerant planting in California

Gardening in Drought – the importance of planting design

We had a little drizzle in Carmel Valley this morning, which is not so common in September, especially in a year of serious drought. It got me to thinking, with all the implications of the drought, how plausible is it to raise an ornamental garden with little added water? It’s a challenge we deal with

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