This Week’s Jumble – February 20, 2012

From around the web this week:

  • I heard of Arcosanti for the first time two years ago, when I flew to Phoenix to visit my boyfriend’s family for Christmas. It sounded like an interesting concept, according to the brochure sitting in the rack at the airport information desk – an artisanal village in the desert founded by an architect who wanted to create a new paradigm for urban development. Our holiday schedule didn’t leave time to visit, so I have yet to see the village for myself. The New York Times reported that the founder has retired and is being succeeded by a second generation of leadership. I’m looking forward to my next visit to Phoenix so I can explore the idea a little more.
  • Landscape design inspired by sound is certainly nothing new – and it may be as old as humanity. According to the BBC, a scientist has proposed that sound was the basis for the design of Stonehenge.

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