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    It can be tough to connect with nature these days, whether because of a crazy work schedule or an abundance of family commitments, a focus on social media or a simple habit of staying inside. If you feel drawn toward getting back in touch with nature, we're here for you.

    The free 7-Day Be Where You Are Challenge is a fun, low-commitment way to focus on the environment you find yourself in, whether you have lived there all your life or just moved there last Tuesday. Each day, you'll receive an email with a brief question to explore about your home environment. Some you may know the answer to immediately, and some may take a little research. We aren't setting out to do a thesis on your local ecology, just to understand the basics of the ecosystem we each find ourselves in and explore the importance of place in daily life.

    We'll also come together in community using a Facebook group to discuss what we find.

    Why is it important to know about the ecosystem where we live? Mainly because a lot of people - maybe a majority - have lost touch with the natural systems around them. I'd bet that a lot of people don't know what phase the moon is in at any given point, for instance. Some people don't even have a solid understanding of what the weather is doing most of the time, because they spend so much time inside in conditioned buildings.

    That's where the challenge comes in. We'll take a deeper look at the characteristics of the world around us and share our discoveries with the group.

    The pieces of the journey:

    Daily email with a guided question to explore

    Facebook discussion group

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