The Romance of the Seed Catalog

If you’re reading this, chances are you are enamored of plants, and for people like you and me, one of the great joys of January is the arrival of the seed catalogs. The variety of catalogs reflects the diversity of the garden, and delving into each is a journey through one grower’s curated collection. That is part of the fun – we all have limited space, and most of us can’t grow everything we might want. But on a chilly evening, with the a hot cup of tea in my hand and my dog curled up next to me, I can sit with the catalogs and daydream about all the things I would plant in a perfect world. With an enormous vegetable garden planned from one source, I move on to the heirloom rose catalog, where I choose hundreds of beauties for my ‘someday’ cutting garden – and I haven’t even started on the tree, shrub and perennial catalogs yet! I hope my mail carrier is a gardener so I can share some flowers and cucumbers this summer in exchange for all the catalogs lugged up my front steps.

2 thoughts on “The Romance of the Seed Catalog”

  1. Pete

    Enjoy your words about plants and nature, passion and tenderness shine through. Still, the eye is drawn naturally to the pics. I understand you’re thinking of doing a project in HK. If so, I could show you around the city. Feel free to contact me about it,

    1. Im not a big fan of Seeds of Change. They got BOUGHT out by M M Mars YES!- the candy bar company) . and since then, I bveliee they are going down hill, since they are corporate owned. On Seed Savers, I didnt have their catalog’ vs Yearbook , so they were not mentioned. They will actually get their OWN episode, as its so important. Its on the list ..

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